Monday, May 19, 2014

Have you determined to follow Jesus?

In Church the question was asked of us, Have you made up your mind? have you determined within yourself to live righteously no matter what?

I would ask the same of you today. The time has come to decide which side you are on. You can no longer be part the world and part of the Lord's kingdom. The gap is becoming too wide.

Living a righteous life in this world is hard. You will have to go against the mainstream society. You will have to choose to do differently than those around you. It may not always easy and you may have to stand alone. But when living like Christ becomes important enough to you. You will find a way to do it no matter the consequences.

The time has come to stand for truth and righteousness. God does not want our excuses, he wants us to be valiant men and women to stand for him, and with him in these last days.
Please come back often to find encouragement and practical advice as to how to follow Christ and live the disciple life.

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