Monday, March 17, 2014

Juggling too many things?

Women in particular suffer from the anxiety that comes from juggling too many things in life. We suffer from an irrational fear that if we stop juggling all the things (even for a moment) that we have lost and we are a failure. We get this fear that says "If I stop juggling, life will come crashing down on me, Therefore I cannot stop."

I am here to tell you a different story.  I stopped juggling for a moment and the world did not stop. Things went on without me juggling them.   I was weary I was tired. There were some big things I was being asked to add into my life and I didn't know how I would add them to the mix.  I had to stop. I had take a look at my life and take stock of what was of most importance  I found that I was juggling things that were no longer relevant. There were things that were thrown to me long ago and I kept juggling them even when no longer needed.

 It was very liberating to just STOP and let it all fall out. I was able to look at each thing and evaluate its importance in my life.   Now I am just juggling a few things. I have taken back my life.  Life is full of purpose now. I am juggling the important things and finding the strength and energy to do it.

DO YOU SUFFER, WORRYING EVERYDAY THAT YOU CANNOT KEEP ALL THE THINGS IN THE AIR?   If so, LET IT GO!!!!   Put down all those things you are juggling. Sometimes you will find that you are juggling three different versions of the same thing.  Many items can be combined. When you get down to it, you may have been juggling twenty different items and you can cut it all down to three or four items which are a lot easier to handle. You do not have to be and do everything. But there are some important things that should be part of your life. Find those important things and let the rest go, it makes for a happier, less weary you.

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  1. I agree - too many people - including myself at times - are trying to juggle too much and not doing any of it very well. I have found it helps to figure out your purpose and concentrate on the things that are focusing on that purpose.

  2. Great thoughts! Too often we take on too much. It is unhealthy for us; our physical self, our families, our sanity!

    Thanks for linking up with Woman to Woman's Word Filled Wednesday! God bless.

  3. And since anxiety and stress lead to health problems... we are healthier physically when we have a good balance!
    Thanks for participating in the hop. :)

  4. I do struggle sometimes with juggling.Thank goodness I feel like a have control....right :-) Thanks for sharing at The Mommy Club Link Party.

  5. I have to let things go sometimes too. :) Thanks for sharing on The HomeAcre Hop! Hope you'll stop by and share again today!